Our Story


“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”

— Edward de Bono

In a way, Moonini is just that. We’re doing our best to break the norm of what is expected at events. Our big goal, what is driving the train and sparking the creative engine, is to see our art installations inspire viewers and participants to think bigger. We want the norm to be an expectation of great aesthetics and even greater creativity. We believe that art is a window into a much fuller view of life and the world we live in. If we can inspire people to demand more art and beauty in their lives, we believe that our communities would be more joyful and open-minded places!

Moonini had organic beginnings. In 2017, founder Maddie was asked by The St. Vrain Wedding and Event Venue in Longmont, CO to come help in the overall design of the venue, as well as create staple art installations that would help set the space apart. Previously, Maddie had only been freelancing as a 2D artist via Madeline Rose Designs. However, the thought of pushing herself outside of her known mediums was a welcome challenge. A fifteen foot tall entrance wall that should have been an intimidation decidedly sparked a part of her creativity that hadn’t been awakened quite like that before. Nooks and crannies in the walls called for geodes, large echoing expanses of cocktail space begged for mixed media pieces to absorb the sound…the entire space ignited a desire to create outside of expected mediums. As vendors and clients began to rifle in and out of The St. Vrain, a buzz began to start about the installations. It quickly became clear that people were ready to embrace art pieces that were unexpected and made a statement!

Our Values


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Our Founder

Hey there! I’m Maddie! Anyone who has ever tried to write an ‘about me’ section knows that despite the fact you live in your own body every single day, the second someone asks you to write a paragraph on yourself, your entire mind is drained of information…or is that just me?

So I’ll just try to hit the highlights.

I’m a mostly clumsy gal with a love for creating things, a husband so tall he has to duck through doorways, and a dog that needs more physical touch than I do (and that’s saying a lot). People often ask me where I learned to ‘do art’, but that’s a tough one for me. I’ve just always been making things. If you ask my parents they’ll tell you that the entire perimeter of my crib was covered in tiny drawings of people and the words ‘By Mabbie’ engraved throughout. I have a degree in Apparel Design and Product Development, and I’ve done everything from working at non-profits to designing wedding dresses; but at the end of the day, I realized what makes me feel most alive is creating something different every day. I love a good challenge and the chance to use power tools, so I guess I found my sweet spot!